Interior Design

As a full-service interior design firm, Blank Canvas Interiors can take the lead of your design project or work with you and your contractor to achieve a personalized interior. We are conscious that there is always a budget and no matter what the budget may be, we want each of our clients to see and feel the value in every dollar spent.

Our process includes an initial consultation to listen and understand the full scope of the project. Next, we begin the design concept phase along with space planning and material selections. As a part of our design services, we provide: three-dimensional drawings, elevations, design renderings, together with installation drawings. Once the planning and design stages are complete, we ensure that the entire design is executed to its intent during installation through our design management. We also offer furnishing selection and placement to give the finishing touches to each space.

Renovation and Project Management

If you have chosen to renovate, you likely have a connection to your property and want to enhance the elements you already love while problem solving the areas you don’t. We work together with a team of skilled trades people who are valued for their level of craftsmanship. Whether you need selective updates or full architectural changes, our team has the experience and knowledge to tackle the challenges that accompany any renovation. We have confidence that the trades employed on your behalf hold the same standard of quality as we do.

As an interior designer and project manager duo, we approach each project together as a team. With frequent job site visits and detailed installation diagrams, we bridge all communication to ensure that the design is executed as intended. We believe in transparency, which is why we offer regular updates to ensure that our clients always know the status of their projects.


When designing a new build, there are countless decisions to make amidst an unlimited number of options. We encourage our clients to include our involvement during the earliest stages of their project. Though interior finishes may seem to be important only toward the final phase, it is crucial to consider their requirements early on.

Having a well-designed interior before beginning construction can help save valuable time and money. By working alongside an architect, the interior designer can ensure that room sizes and layouts will accompany the desired use of the space. Including these services at this early stage can mean the difference between proper functionality and having to compromise in order to adapt to what has already been built.

We specialize in working with contractors who are building spec homes and in helping individuals realize their dream home.